What’s MEGA 404? A strange and powerful pink wave that irradiated our world in 1990. And then something odd happened… everyone dropped their robotic life and started chasing crazy dreams, leaving the world frozen in the 90s! Each collection will reveal this community driven universe renamed by this event, MEGA 404.


Atta, Teuté, Solar or Beeper are the main characters of MEGA 404. Through them you’ll discover our world and try to uncover its secrets. They’re distinguished by their outfits, hair, backgrounds and emotions so that anybody can find their very own avatar.

They are your means of expression in our ecosystem and will enable you to shape, as a community, the MEGA 404 Universe. They’ll allow you to participate to the MEGA Weekly raffles to win new pieces of our Universe, as well as merch boxes. Special holders will receive special utility too! and of course, every holder will have priority access to every expansion of MEGA 404.


MEGA 404 is a 2D animated adventure and comedy series, completely absurd and colorful!

Dive in with three kids and one hell of a cute seashell in their quest for the truth behind the MEGA 404: A planetary event that left the world stuck in the 90’s, with people quitting their robotic, mundane lives to chase their weirdest dreams! Like this dude hoarding door handles or this tribe of mole-like men worshiping a gigantic mole-like man.

Oh, and remember the cute seashell? Well, he’s Beeper, and he has unpredictable magic powers! So here begins the adventure! Help shape this incredible world, and maybe, who knows, be part of it!

We are a collective of talented and experienced creators, screenwriters, director, graphic designers, and producers who have worked for major companies as Disney, Turner and Ankama… Maybe you know them?
To find out more, do not hesitate to consult the social networks of our champions!

BAM! Productions is a web3 friendly animation studio producing independent animation series. Our goal is to bring closer artists and their audience to let them create together.

Something new for cartoons, but an obvious move for a lot of reasons…